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Cogliano Leatherworks

Rich Cogliano of Cogliano Leatherworks has been passionate about high quality leather goods for years, believing it is better to buy quality and buy once. In 2016, disappointed by the quality of leather goods available in the open market, he started making items for his own use. He quickly fell in love with working leather. Following his passion, he suddenly had enough products to sell to friends and family, then strangers who had been exposed to his work.

Rich focuses on the quality of his products down to the tiniest details. “Every item you see in my shop, from bags to coffee sleeves, is made 100% by hand,” he said. “I order leather by the ‘side,’ cut the pieces, glue, stitch, and rivet them together. Once assembled, the edges are sanded and each product is hand rubbed with a unique blend of oils and waxes to nourish and preserve the leather.”

Journal covers, bags, wallets, and even leather stockings can be found for sale at River Garden Marketplace. Each unique piece is made to develop its own personality with years of use.

“I believe that these products will last more than a lifetime and I build each one to last,” he said. “Over time, each product will patina, taking on oils from your hands, water, and coffee spilled on it, and even darkening in sunlight. The more you use it, the more it becomes uniquely yours.”

See more work from Cogliano Leatherworks at River Garden Marketplace and

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