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Chicken Niblets by Walter Hagedorn

Walter Hagedorn

Since moving to southern Vermont in 2005, Entrepreneur/Artist Walter Hagedorn has been manifesting unique creations using all types of mediums, from oil paintings to building a fantasy riverside cabin.

Having absolutely no technical art training whatsoever, Walter has been able to explore and create without the influence and boundaries set by others. He believes that when human beings are in the act of creation, they are doing the work of the Divine, arranging atoms into new possibilities.

Chicken Niblets, Artist Statement

This silly chicken business began when I photographed our beloved hens to be used as a study for oil painting. The sweet hens featured in this exhibit are named Snap, Crackle, and Pop. Creating these paintings has been a real source of joy for me. Well, one thing led to another, and after many bad puns, this idea was hatched.

I humbly thank you for considering your purchase of this high quality chicken swag. May it bring you the blessing of a clucking chuckle.

Chicken Niblets booth by Walter Hagedorn. Artist booth filled with paintings, ephemera, and cards featuring paintings of chickens.
Artist Walter Hagedorn wearing blue shirt and funky glasses.