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Art Vendor Information

The Basics

There are 10 booth spaces in the gorgeous, light filled River Garden Marketplace at 157 Main Street in Brattleboro, VT. The Art Market is a gallery style, retail space. Artists set up their own booth and River Garden are there during open hours, selling and ringing up items and keeping them safe and well presented.

The Booths

  • Your booth space will consist of a beautiful, newly constructed, enclosed booth made of rough hewn wood.
  • Each booth is approximately 5ft x 3ft (some are slightly larger)
  • There is a 5ft x 3ft wooden table and rough hewn wood sides to the right and left of each table.
  • The back wall of your booth is covered with slat wall, 4 ft high above the table. Please bring your own hooks / hangers. All standard slatwall fixtures are compatible.
  • The booths are each equipped with a fold down door which will be closed each evening and enclose the booth securely.
  • Each booth is equipped with a chalkboard (35in x 23in) that hangs from the booth both when it’s closed and when it is open to advertise your business.
  • Some booths have access to electric outlets for low voltage displays or lighting. Available at the Gold tier or higher.
  • In order to encourage variety and allow additional artist participation, booth reservations are limited (varies by package).
  • In accordance with Vermont liquor license mandates for River Garden Marketplace no alcoholic or CBD products of any kind may be sold in these booth spaces.

Booth Rental Options

Your Responsibilities

Each and every item at your booth must be marked with a price. These prices must be affixed securely enough to withstand handling for the duration of your booth reservation. As you will not be present, this is the only way that our staff knows what to charge for your items. Any item without an individual price on the item will not be sold.

Each booth is equipped with a chalkboard (35×23 in) that hangs from the booth both when it’s closed and when it is open. You will be responsible for decorating this chalkboard on installation day. Materials will be provided. We ask that you include your business name and town/state (ex Brattleboro, VT). Any contact information or decoration you wish to add is up to you.

At close of business, your booth space will be closed and secured for the night.

The Art Market is open during all operating hours of the River Garden Marketplace. On occasion, for special or private events, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances, the Art Market may be closed (either by closing the booth spaces, or due to the closure of the facility as a whole). In addition, on occasion, the Art Market may be open outside of current operating hours. Changes to hours will be noted on our Facebook Page.

You are so very welcome to come in and say “hi”, check in on your booth, represent and restock items during open hours. We are happy to be able to say that River Garden Marketplace is a bustling and busy restaurant environment and by extension so is the Art Market.

The River Garden Marketplace is very busy on Fridays and Saturdays. It is also quite busy on Sundays until about 5pm. We ask that if you are going to come in and do any upgrades to your booth that you consider avoiding high foot traffic times.


Installation will happen during regular business hours on the first open day of the month
Deinstallation (removal) must be completed by end of business on the last open day of the month

Vendors are required to remove their product at the time specified. Any product that remains on premise during an unpaid period, i.e. beyond 9pm on the final day of a booking, shall be considered abandoned and will be removed as required to make space for an incoming vendor.

While the River Garden Marketplace takes security and loss prevention seriously, including a digital camera system, staff training and other loss prevention systems, the River Garden Marketplace is not responsible for loss, theft, damage or other issues with your products. We advise that artists ensure they are properly insured and covered in the case of loss.


Have questions? Need more information? Please email